Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Module 1: What to expect

    • What is a food allergy?

    • What are the top food allergies?

    • Why are food allergies on the rise?

    • All about anaphylaxis & epinephrine

    • How does the law protect people with food allergies?

  • 3


    • Module 2: What to expect

    • How does a person prepare for a food allergist visit?

    • How does a doctor confirm a food allergy diagnosis?

    • What are the treatments available for food allergies?

    • Are there clinical trials available in food allergy research?

    • What are the differences between food intolerance and food allergy?

  • 4


    • Module 3: What to expect

    • How do you read ingredient labels on food packaging?

    • How do you safely remove food allergens from surfaces?

    • How can we reduce risks of cross-contact with food allergens?

    • How do we eat at restaurants safely with food allergies? (includes PDF)

    • How to pack an allergy bag and leave the house safely (includes PDF)

  • 5


    • Module 4: What to expect

    • Getting your mindset ready for educating others

    • Where do I even start with educating others?

    • What are the 'must-knows' to communicate?

  • 6


    • Module 5: What to expect

    • Myths vs. facts about food allergies!

    • Helpful communication scripts when people think food allergies are not serious

  • 7


    • Tackling fear head on: a mental fitness exercise

    • 500+ hidden ingredient names for top 9 food allergies (downloadable PDF)

    • Top 10 food allergen creative ingredient substitutes (downloadable PDF)

    • 6 conversation scripts for various support roles in your life (downloadable PDF)

    • Test your knowledge on food allergies!


Bonus material!

This course includes must-know downloads you will definitely reference often. Here are a few highlights:

  • Decoding Food Allergy Fear: A Mental Fitness Exercise

    Understand how to move from fear to peace with guided steps. Facing fear and unpacking it will help you find tools so you can channel your energy more productively...and learn how to move past your fears into living more fully.

  • PDF of 500+ hidden ingredient names for top 9 food allergens

    Understanding food labels and spotting dangerous ingredient names can be tricky! Download a PDF of over 500 alternative names for the Top 9 food allergens that cause severe reactions.

  • Key Conversation Scripts for your Village

    Knowing how to advocate and educate on keeping your food-allergic child safe can take practice and skill. Save yourself the stress and download these handy scripts. You can use them to communicate and collaborate with principals, teachers, sports teams and coaches, neighbors, extended family and more.

Meet your Instructor

Founder, Coach, Food Allergy Mom x 3

Feed Your Can LLC

Lindsay Schultz

Since 2013, Lindsay's family has navigated 8+ categories of food allergies daily. Today she and her husband are raising 3 kids with different sets of food allergies, asthma and eczema. Their children have experienced anaphylaxis more than once and it is terrifying. In the early days of navigating food allergies, leaving the house safely seemed very overwhelming. The thought of living a 'normal' life seemed impossible. Tapping into her psychology and coaching background, she gradually flipped the script away from fear towards possibilities, viewing food allergies as the teacher. Lindsay left a successful 14-year career at Google (nearly 20 years total in marketing) to follow this passion of unlocking possibilities for pairing growth mindset strategies with food allergies. Over and over again, food allergies have shaped lessons about resiliency, creative problem solving, strong communication skills, teamwork, patience, gratitude, empathy and building confidence. Her kids are participating fully in their chosen hobbies and live their lives fully. They have learned to restrict their food, but never their fun. Today Lindsay is teaching food allergy facts to different communities, along with how to properly advocate and be allies for the food allergy community. Her family's food allergy journey is ongoing and the struggles have become blessings in disguise. Feed Your Can is a lifestyle brand aimed at empowering people living with food restrictions to embrace adventures and live their lives fully. Food and fun CAN coexist. With life hacks and mind snacks, learning to embrace adventures is part of the process. You are not what you eat. You're much more than that. Learn how to feed your can...when some foods, you just can't.